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Fly Cup Catering Board of Directors

Geoff and Caroline Taylor
Geoff and Carolyn are parents of a daughter with learning disabilities and fully understand how the support systems works.  They have run their own business successfully for years in the field of resilience and counselling.  Geoff covers emergency response for day to day events at the charity site and Carolyn provides staff training on disability awareness and resilience and both are relentlessly supportive to the charity.

Andrew Goodwin
Andrew has an engineering background, who’s skills were useful during the remodelling of the building. Andrew has a strong social conscience backed by a desire to serve the community to the best of his ability.

Lesley Edmonds
Our youngest member of our board brings a different perspective to the board.  Lesley has a wide circle of contacts, friends and interests in the local community.  She is a long-term volunteer and supporter of Fly Cup and brings enthusiasm and warmth to the charity in her interaction with the board, trainees, staff and customers.

Fiona Allan (Chairperson)
Fiona is the longest serving member of the board, giving unwavering support for over 12 years.  Fiona is a successful business woman who has experience in social services, catering, social enterprise, coaching and management.  Fiona is a visionary and is currently the Chairman.

Elizabeth Chrystall
Elizabeth is recently retired from a career in HR and has supported Fly Cup Catering Ltd with HR issues for the last 7 -8 years.  She has served on committees since school days as member, secretary, treasurer, entertainments convener; been a Community Councillor, latterly as Vice Chair; and a Board member for another charity where she also worked as a volunteer counsellor therefore have experience of working within a team of like-minded people.  Elizabeth brings to the Board a passion for the work the social enterprise does with our trainees and the energy and drive to support its continued success by fund raising, volunteering and supporting staff with HR issues as and when necessary.

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