About Us

Why We Are Here

Fly Cup Catering, a recognised Scottish Charity, Number SC029395, was set up for adults with learning disabilities in recognition of the self-esteem, social and economic benefits that can be gained by being part of a supportive work and training environment.

What we do

We provide catering training, employment experience and employment placements to over 20 adults with learning disabilities.

Training Qualifications

Each trainee is provided with a personalised training programme which leads to a Fly Cup Catering Certificate. Many trainees are able to work towards completing food and hospitality NVQ units.

Work Experience

Trainees gain work experience by helping to run the Fly Cup Coffee shop at Burghmuir Circle, Inverurie. The trainees are also involved in the delivery of outside catering services, and the production of bakery goods which we supply to local shops and businesses.

Work Placements

We work closely with other catering establishments in the area in the development of temporary work placements for the trainees.