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Fly Cup Catering is a Scottish charity (SC029395) based in Inverurie set up for adults with learning disabilities (trainees) within the catering industry. Established in 2000, Fly Cup has helped dozens of young adults with learning disabilities find their way into the challenging world of employment. Trainees are supported within a bakery, kitchen, coffee shop, meeting and conference venue and office environment allowing them to develop and learn a variety of skills as well as increasing their confidence and self -esteem.

Training Qualifications

Each trainee has a personalised training strategy which is specifically tailored to their individual needs delivered in a secure and supported environment. Trainees are able to work towards and achieve nationally recognised qualifications such as Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) Towards Independence and Personal and Social Development Award.

Work Experience

Trainees gain work experience through a diverse range of activities:

Work Placements

We work closely with other catering establishments in the area in the development of temporary work placements for the trainees.

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Fly Cup Catering Ltd,
Unit 2, Advertising House,
Blackhall Industrial Estate,
Burghmuir Circle,
AB51 4FS

Tel: 01467 625645

Scottish Charity No: SC029395

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