We’re Celebrating 21 Years!

December 2021

We’re Celebrating 21 Years!

We recently had a virtual afternoon tea party to celebrate our milestone, and to thank our Board, staff and trainees for their hard work and commitment to Fly Cup Catering.

Do you know our story? Read on to find out more…

Whilst we all know that Fly Cup is a good place for a cuppa and a fine piece, we also know it is something much more. Firstly, Fly Cup Catering Ltd is a Scottish charity, providing training and employment opportunities to adults with learning disabilities in the catering and hospitality sector.

But it was not always so.

Fly Cup Catering originated in 1995 as a project within the Harlaw Day Care Centre, initially by Sue Duncan. It was set up as a way of getting the centre users involved with the preparation of simple sandwich lunches for the staff and other centre users.

Then, Sue Kinsay, Bill Emslie and Alistair Marr developed it as an Aberdeenshire Council venture, a venture which very quickly grew to be self sustaining. It went on to be a stand alone company and, over 21 years, from initially moving into its own premises at Unit 2, just round the corner from where we are now, it became what it is – and we’re still developing!

We have benefited from the ideas and input from several managers and, whilst the likes of Alistair Marr are no longer with us, his wife, Rosemary is still a regular and supportive figure, together with their daughter, Rachel, who is a trainee at Fly Cup.

Unit 2 became too small as the venture grew and grew and we needed more space to grow into; which is when we moved into our current premises.

When reflecting on those early days in Unit 2, when we struggled to get a quorum for a Board meeting – we only had 3 or 4 directors, being at one time in 2011, down to just Bill Emslie, Fiona, Carolyn and myself – we now look around the table and can see 10!

There is a vast wealth of experience across many disciplines and all 10 of us have varying and different levels and areas of expertise, such as: HR, accountancy, private industry, business ownership, a military background and mental health. Most, if not all have knowledge of Adults with Learning Disabilities.

Our trainees are at the core of everything we do, however we have to be a viable business in order to support them. All board members share this same desire to give up of their time, for free, to help Fly Cup to continue functioning – for the sake of the trainees.

Over the years, there have been many people who have been involved in and with Flycup, certainly too many to mention here – but, ALL have contributed greatly to the development that is Fly Cup today – and Fly Cup is still growing.

However we cannot survive without the help and support of not only the staff of Fly Cup or the Board of Fly Cup, but also our dedicated volunteers and friends. So thank you too for your support.

We exist to provide training and employment opportunities to adults with learning disabilities. In our view, as members of society, we have a duty of care to those less fortunate than ourselves. In contributing to that duty of care, the rewards are so incredible.

We hope you continue to enjoy our adapted services through the lockdown period, and very much look forward to opening our cafe doors in the not too distant future to welcome you back with a friendly smile and cheery greeting – and a fine piece of course!

Happy 21st birthday to us in 2021!